Accident on the N-340

There was quite a nasty accident on the N-340, just past Taramay, in the Salobreña direction. A bloody great tanker lorry came hurtling round one of those tight bends between Urbanización Alfamar and the new Taramay roundabout and ploughed into a mini bus, as well as spinning a car off the road. Miraculously, nobody was killed and nothing ended up at the bottom of the barranco.
Seven people were injured, however: the 35-year-old driver of the lorry was seriously hurt and is under observation at Santa Ana Hospital, Motril. In the minibus there were only two people, who were on their way to Roquetas del Mar, Almería. The driver escaped unscathed and the other occupant, slightly injured. Fortunately, the crash barrier prevented the vehicle from plunging down the barranco.
As for the car, it was flipped over by the impact, but again narrowly avoided tumbling down the 100-metre drop. In the car there were two women, two minors (15 and 3-years of age) and a baby. The children were slightly hurt and the 22-year-old female driver was operated on with a burst spleen. The other woman (59) was released from hospital that same day.
As for the traffic hold up… just like any weekend on the N-340 in the summer; i.e., queues stretching back out of a couple of kilometres.

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