Feria de Asociaciones

A total of 39 associations and clubs took part in the annual Encuentro de Voluntarios de Almuñécar y La Herradura, which was held in the Botanical Gardens, Parque Majuelo on the weekend of the 20th/21st.
I was pleased to get to chat with Margarita who is one of the mainstays behind ADALH, which is an association for those with all kinds of physical and mental disabilities. They’ve been around for a year now and you might remember that last year the Royal Navy Association donated the total sum of their monthly raffles to ADALH, for which Margarita was over the moon.
The cancer association, AECC, was there, which gave me the opportunity to ask how the collection boxes were going and to pass on the message that more businesses that advertised with us wanted collection boxes next to their stack of Gazette, as readers were asking where they could deposit their euro. Thanks very much folks, on behalf of the AECC and ourselves.
I also had a good chance to chat with the lads from Senegal, asking them how things were going since their incredibly selfless efforts to tidy up Almuñécar after the September flood of 2006. Their association, Tauba, has opened up a small shop (about 20 paces from the Arboreum in Calle Trinidad 22), where they specialise in making and repairing leather sandals. Spare them a thought, too, Folks, as they did for us when we needed it.
I must admit that one of the stands that most attracted my attention was the stand for the aero-modelling club, where José Luis was exhibiting his bloody great B-26 (Invader, which is pretty much like the B-25 Mitchell, but without the twin tail boom) I could have spent the whole afternoon chatting with him about WW2 aircraft. To find out more about them, visit www.rccostatropical.com.
Obviously, with 39 associations taking part, I can’t mention them all, so I hope that the others will forgive their non-mention. If you had a stand there, then contact us and I will ask Dave to do a People & Places on your association. Anyway, as you will see, we have included a half-page photo page of the event in this section of the Gazette.


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