Connected, At Last?

ALM A-7 TaramayYes, we’ve all heard it before – several times, but the latest word from the sources within the construction company is that the autovía will reach Almuñécar’s Taramay during this month, or by the beginning of the next by the latest.

“A question of weeks,” they said, on the 20th of April. The Ministry of Public Works is keeping its bureaucratic mouth firmly closed, however, not wishing to wipe more ‘egg off its face,’ should the opening be further delayed by unexpected hold ups.

The Ministry, therefore, was quite happy to let the building company stick its neck out, so that Minister of Public Works can say that the company was speaking out of turn, if it went wrong, and catch the praise, if it does not.

Although that leaves about ten kilometres of the old N-340 to cover for anybody trying to get to Salobreña, it does at least mean that they can kiss goodbye to the mind-numbing tailbacks that literally stretch from La Herradura to Salobreña sometimes. The particular hell of wading through Almuñécar’s’ un-coordinated traffic lights will be an unpleasant thing of the past.

Louise Powell went up into the hills above Taramay to see exactly what things were coming along and brought quite a bit of photographic evidence that strongly indicated that – this time – they might not be lying through their teeth and that the autovía will be linked up to the present La Herradura motorway terminus.

Semana Santa certainly didn’t catch by surprise those that were expecting slow-rolling doom, because there was plenty.

Anybody that goes up and has a look, as Louise did, can see for themselves that the roundabout underneath the exit for Taramay even has the vegetation in place in the centre. As for the actual link made by the roundabout in the N-340, next to the big fruit warehouse, it is plain for anybody that uses the road between Salobreña and Taramay to see that it is complete.

The tunnels – such as Cantalobos, which at two kilometres in length is the longest, have their lighting in place. There are road signs standing expectantly, already in place and the railings etc. are adorning the bridges/viaducts. It’s set and is evidently very close to completion, so maybe they’re telling the truth this time, after all.

But this is not only good – and long awaited – news for Almuñécar; it is good news for the tourist sector of Salobreña and Motril – Málaga Airport is even closer.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical Granada, Andalucia)

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