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Wave Goodbye

Even with all the economic woes being faced in Portugal, there is a non-financial story that has pushed its way to the fore and become the big talking point for the population.
It centers around Portugal’s Olympic committee which has banned a female windsurfer for life. Her ‘crime’? Concealing the fact that she was pregnant, so that she was able to travel with the team to the London Olympics and be with her husband.

Travellers Rights (Part 1)

Rights of the passenger in cases of delay, cancellation, overbooking and lost luggage (part 1):
Every time we buy a ticket from a transport company e.g. plane, train, coach, etc we implicitly enter a contractual agreement with that transport firm. The contract is generally named “conditions of carriage”, “terms and conditions” or other similar names. It can be found on the company website and sometime in small print at the back of the ticket or in one of the receipts after the purchase. When we buy a ticket online we implicitly sign the contract by ticking the box stating that we accept the conditions of the transport company.

Salobrena on National TV

A national TV network, La Sexta, has been filming in Salobreña for a travel programme, which will be screened this month – no idea when, exactly. The filming took place down on beach side of town, as well as up in the old town, looking into the lives of the good folk of the village,…

Motril and Helicopters

Beat the traffic jams travelling by helicopter! Yeah, why not the Space Shuttle, for all that your beset personal economy will permit, but it’s not that expensive