Wave Goodbye

Even with all the economic woes being faced in Portugal, there is a non-financial story that has pushed its way to the fore and become the big talking point for the population.

It centers around Portugal’s Olympic committee which has banned a female windsurfer for life. Her ‘crime’? Concealing the fact that she was pregnant, so that she was able to travel with the team to the London Olympics and be with her husband.

The athlete, Carolina Borges, took advantage of the free travel to London as part of the team, but not long after her arrival, she sent an email saying that she was not going to compete due to her condition. The committee saw this as a clear deception, “The Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth accepted our recommendation and has forbidden the athlete from ever representing Portugal again,” said committee head Vicente Moura when speaking with the press.

“It all points to the fact that she took advantage of the trip to the Olympics to be with her husband,” he added.

Moura does point out that the decision was not taken until an investigation had been completed which showed quite clearly that the Ms. Borges knew she was pregnant before the games and failed to inform the Olympic committee as required by the rules.

Ms. Borges, by the way, is married to the U.S. sailing competitor Mark Mendelblatt, who plies his trade in the Star class event.

It is not known if Ms. Borges will appeal the decision.