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Rocket Rules

Now let’s step over to Barcaldine, just east of Longreach in Queensland, Australia, where two police officers were happily keeping an eye on traffic, when suddenly a skateboard goes speeding past with a grinning youth onboard. Not only that, the youth had attached a rocket to the rear of the board, obviously to give him some extra umph!

Reader’s Letter

There follows a readers letter about parking here in La Herradura,

Dear Editor
Will you ever write an article on the parking attendants that give you tickets and that whole situation? Why are the rules for Almuñécar different than for La Herradura, and who makes the rules? You never know if you are allowed to park for how long where? There is no information. And where does all that money that they collect go? Into someone’s pocket? And who pays for the phone that the girl has attached to her ear all the time?