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Relax and Take a Lobe Off

Do you remember the Russian artist and political activist Pyotr Pavlensky? Well, you should… we did an article about him in November/December after he sat down naked in Red Square and nailed his scrotum to the ground. Well he’s at it again, this time slicing off his earlobe whilst sitting naked on the roof of a psychiatric hospital.

Puppy Saves Girl

Is it possible that a three-year-old could survive for eleven days in a Siberian forest? Well, three-year-old Karina Chikitova did.

Holy Ouch!

So, you’re extremely annoyed with your government and you want to protest this discontent in a way that will gain publicity and perhaps turn peoples minds to your way of thinking. Maybe you could chain yourself to the railings of parliament, parade naked in front of a government building or even incite a riot. How about stripping naked in Red Square, Moscow and nailing your testicles to the ground.

Cat Burglar

The only problem is that this particular cat burglar broke into a Russian prison carrying contraband in the form of mobile phones and chargers… and promptly got caught. Oh yes, and he was also actually a cat!

Bus Justice

It’s hard enough driving anywhere in the world these days, but being a bus driver in Moscow can be extremely frustrating. Trying to negotiate the heavy traffic, keeping your passengers safe and happy, and putting up with the crazy drivers in the city who think it is just fine to ‘cut up’ slow moving buses, just to gain that extra couple of seconds.

Wonky World

Three weird world stories from the March edition including Canadian military balls, Russian police arresting gay suspects and a very dodgy one million dollar note.