Cat Burglar

The only problem is that this particular cat burglar broke into a Russian prison carrying contraband in the form of mobile phones and chargers… and promptly got caught. Oh yes, and he was also actually a cat!

The very naughty people behind the scheme obviously thought that a cat would be the ideal way to get mobile phones to their friends. They were very nearly proved correct, as the cat climbed the outer wall, however, the master criminal moggy decided to take a bit of a break on the top of the wall, where he was spotted by guards.

Unfortunately, the said guards also noticed several items strapped to the undercarriage of the fiendish feline. At this point he was arrested.
The prison, which is about 900 kilometers north-east of Moscow, has confirmed that several contraband plots have been foiled recently, which probably means that three or four times as many have succeeded. However, this is the first time that they have witnessed the use of a cat.

With all our Northern European readers, no doubt the main concern is ‘what happened to the poor pussy?’ Well, according to the prison authorities, they do realize that despite being an adult, he was obviously led astray by naughty humans and he was therefore freed after a stern warning… or maybe better said, ‘a flea in his ear.’

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