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The Duke & Venerable Olive Trees

By Louise Powell

(COH08) The Duke of Wellington's estate in Íllora (Granada) reached an agreement with the owners of centenary olive trees, which were to be cut down. »

Palm Trees Cut Down

By Martin Myall

As part of the renovation work on Almuñécar’s Plaza Kelibia, the palm trees that graced the square have been cut down, rather than removed for replanting. This action has been criticised by the chief opposition party, the CA. According to the CA, some of the trees were over 10m in height and were very... »

Palms Relocated

By Martin Myall

Locals in Almuñécar will have noticed that Town Hall workers from the garden and parks maintenance department have taken away a number of full-grown palm trees along Calle Pablo Iglesias. The reason for this is because they are literally destroying the pavement, thanks to their ever-increasing girth. »

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