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Bye Bye Billy

If there has been a Coronavirus death here in Spain that will be rejoiced more than lamented, it was ex-Inspector Antonio González Pacheco, alias Billy El Niño.

Misplaced Trust

A British citizen in Almería was arrested, charged and found guilty of swindling a pensioner of his savings. The 22-year-old man obtained over 18,000 euros from the pensioner’s account using his victim’s banking book and password.

Good News for Pensioners

The Chairman of the Local Entity Council for Carchuna- Calahonda has announced that there will be a discount on rubbish tax for pensioners that receive less than 900 euros a month. It’s worth explaining that a ‘Local Entity’ is the term for an autonomous municipal annex of a larger town, in this case, of Motril.

Consulate Open Day

The British Consulate in Málaga and the Pension, Benefit and Healthcare Team are holding an open event in Nerja. It will take place on Wednesday, May 19th and offer advice on some of the issues that matter most to British residents.