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Bye Bye Bears

ALM Peña Escrita Bear OnL

Yes, the five Peña Escrita brown bears have packed their bags and gone to Hungary instead of staying here and going hungry.

Mountain Park Claims

ALM Bengal Tigers OnL

The mountain park, Peña Escrita, in Almuñécar, still has quite a few wild animals looking for a home, but some will never see the day – they have already died.

Mountain Park Transfers

ALM Peña Escrita Transfer OnL

After a year of bargaining between the Almuñécar Town Hall on the one hand, and the regional authorities and FAADA, on the other, homes have been found for animals at the mountain park.

New Role for Peña Escrita

ALM Bengal Tigers OnL

The present Town Council in Almuñécar has been working diligently at whittling down the number of wild animals up in the Peña Escrita mountain park by finding new homes for them.