Nordic Brass Band Festival

ALM Bicycle HarpA year has gone by in Almuñécar and the yesterday saw the arrival of the first concert of the Nordic brass bands.

Last night’s venue was the Town Hall Square where the first two bands – Kvikne Skolemusikk (30 musicians) and Fiska Musikkorps – gave a performance. However, a Spanish lad, Roberto Herruzo from Málaga opened the event with his cycle-harp as well as a standard guitar.

All told, then Nordic bands will perform during this week with a total of 400 musicians between them.

Here follows the agenda from the 22nd on:

Wednesday the 22nd: Street parade and concert in the Majuelo Park

20:00h: Parade starting at the Hotel Turismo Tropical
20:30h: Stella’s performance (solo singer)
20:40h: Træetskolekorps (34 musicians)
21:00h: Diana’s Performance (solo singer)
21:10h: Kvikneskolemusikk (34 musicians)
21:30h: Stella’s Performance (solo singer)
21:40h: Støverskolemusikk (38 musicians)
22:00h: Duet Street Jamming
22:30h: End of day’s events.

Friday the 24th: Town Hall Concert
20:30h: Træetskolekorps (34 musicians)
21:00h: Støverskolemusikk (38 musicians)
21:30h: Madlamarkskolekorps (26 musicians)
22:00h: Awarding of diplomas and end of day’s events.

ALM Nordic BandSunday the 26th: Street parade and concert in the Majuelo Park
20:00h: Brass band parade from Paseo San Cristóbal.
20:30h: Grupo de Flamenco Español Alegrías (17 dancers)
20:40h: ØstreHalsenskolekorps (52 musicians)
21:00h: Stella’s Performance (1 cantante)
21:10h: Skolekorpsene I Nannestad (48 musicians)
21:30h: Grupo de Flamenco Español – Clásico (17 dancers)
21:40h: Husebyskolenesmusikkorps (74 musicians)
22:00h: Diana’s Performance (solo singer)
22:10h: Madlamarkskolekorps (26 musicians)
22:30h: Grupo de Flamenco Español – Bulerías (17 dancers)
22:40h: End of day’s events.

Monday the 27th: Town Hall Concert
20:30h: ØstreHalsenskolekorps (52 músicos)
20:50h: Skolekorpsene I Nannestad (48 músicos)
21:30h: Husebyskolenesmusikkorps (74 músicos)
22:00h: Banda Municipal de Almuñécar (40 Músicos)
22:30h: Concierto Banda La Polínica de Marbella (60 músicos)
23:00h: Diploma awards and end of festival.

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