Peter Eacersall

Corks Vs. Screwcaps

If you go into a supermarket in the UK, the majority of wine bottles will be sealed with screwcaps. In a supermarket in Spain or France there are very few. Why is this?

New Wines


We should be extremely grateful to Viognier for coming along when it did. We, white wine drinkers, were looking for something new that wasn’t oaked Chardonnay or zesty Sauvignon blanc.

Wines: Reds, king & Quiz

A very diverse offering, with wines ranging from light, fresh, whites to Spain’s biggest, burliest dry reds. The most famous, and most expensive is Ribera Del Duero, but there are a lot of more affordable wines to try.

Pairing Cheese and Wine


General de Gaulle, the former president of France once said that it was impossible to govern a country that produced 250 different cheeses! Today it’s more like 350.

Fortified Wines

FTR Wine - Gine Lane

Before modern techniques were available most wines were fortified. This involves adding strong alcoholic spirit to stop the wine going off and to give the wine muscle to travel.

Summer Drinking

FTR Wine Rueda

Rueda is good news and it is now in all the bars in Spain. It comes from near the town of Valladolid and is dry but very fruity and very much better than the white wines of Rioja, which have no real flavours due to the Viura grape.