Almunecar PGOU Restart

The conservative (PP) Mayoress of Almunecar, Trinidad Herrera, has announced that her new administration will begin pushing the stalled PGOU for its final approval from the Junta de Andalucia.

The Town Hall considers that within a question of months the PGOU could be finalised, as they intend to get the ball rolling again in September. The Mayoress considers that the PGOU is crucial to the short-term and middle-term future of the town and will provide a ‘magnificent job opportunity’ for those in search of work.

Mayoress Herrera believes that the final approval could come at the end of the year, or within the first weeks of 2012.

“There are many [development/building] projects that are frozen, pending the approval of the PGOU,” she explained, adding, “what we are not willing to let happen is for the companies that are waiting to invest in Almunecar to go elsewhere,” meaning that the Town Hall would do all that is possible to get to go-ahead for them before they lose interest.

She also pointed out that all the political parties in Almunecar are ‘more or less’ in accord, concerning getting the PGOU in its present form approved, as it is much less ambitious and complicated that in its original 2005 form.

However, she emphasised that her party is not completely happy with all the details, but that changing any part of the document would mean just more delays. The idea is to obtain the approval as soon as possible and then, without haste, write up amendments.

The final form that the document has foresees and investment of 1,540m euros and will cover the next eight years (at present we are still operating under the 1987 PGOU). The framework includes the development of nine million square metres of building land, which is equivalent to 38% of the present urban extension of the town.

This urban expansion consists of 35,000 new dwellings, of which 11,300 will be state-subsidised housing (VPO’s). Also included are 6,000 hotel rooms, two shopping complexes: El Coso, situated next to the main road near the P-4 junction, which will include a permanent bull ring; Rio Seco, which will be on the northern side of the main road (N-340), containing new sports, leisure and educational facilities, as well as extensive ‘green areas’.

As for the projected golf courses and marinas, the former will be contained within a separate ‘annex’ to the PGOU and the latter will need to be approved by the central authorities in Madrid, as well as the regional authorities in Sevilla (Junta).

(Note: for readers who are not familiar with the abbreviation PGOU, it stands for Plan General de Ordenacion Urbano and translates to General Plan for Urban Development and is an approved blue print for further municipal development.)

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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