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Socialists Win Salobrena

It was on the cards, so no surprises there: the PSOE regained the Mayor’s office after eight years of PP councils under the Jesus Avelino.

Rojas Rides

The conservative PP party in Motril not only managed to retain the Mayor’s office, but even increased their council seats by one to give them an absolute majority of 13 seats.

Casas Con Encanto

Now, you can tell that it is coming up to the elections, because everybody is coming up with impressive ideas to improve the lives of residents. One such idea comes from the PP, who want to promote a network of ‘charming houses’ for rent.

Elections Looming

Oh, goody, another segue. You can tell that elections are looming large in the minds of all our worthy local leaders. We’re not yet at the stage where those annoying cars with Tannoy speakers are cruising the town, disturbing one’s lunch, but the positioning has definitely started