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Cármenes Court Finding

By Vivienne Hughes

The High Court of the land has rejected the appeal lodged by the company that built Carmenes del Mar on Cerro Gordo (La Herradura). »

Gravy Train Derailed

By Hugh MacArthur

A 24-year-old daughter has just had her 600-euro, maitenance allowance stopped by the court because she hadn't lifted a finger to achieve financial emancipation. »

Judges Produce Nationwide Rage

By Martin Myall

Following the announcement yesterday that the five men who had 'arguably' raped a young woman had only been found guilty of sexual abuse, the country erupted. »

Salobreña Paseo Work Halts

By Vivienne Hughes

A group of residents from Salomar 2000 has managed to bring the paseo work to a grinding halt, thanks to a judicial decision in their favour. »

Carmenes Aval Accepted

By Vivienne Hughes

A Granada law court has accepted the aval (bank guarantee) presented by the neighbourhood association for Carmenes del Mar in La Herradura. »

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