Gravy Train Derailed

A 24-year-old daughter has just had her 600-euro, maintenance allowance stopped by the court because she hadn’t lifted a finger to achieve financial emancipation.

For three years running she has repeated her high-school course (B2) – in fact, during her second year she was struck off the school register because she simply hadn’t bothered to turn up for classes.

Work? She has only worked 88 days in the last three years, so she’s not studying and not working, which just about sealed her fate as far as the appeals court was concerned.

This all come about because the father was sick to death of eternally paying an allowance to his daughter, fruit of a divorce settlement. Consequently, in six months’ time she won’t be receiving a penny from her dad.

Mind you, the local law court had decided against him in July, so he appealed before the provincial appeals court of Albacete, who decided enough was enough and that she would have to find another way of financing her lifestyle; i.e., get out and get a job.

This decision will set a judicial precedence that could affect many other families in similar situations.

(News: Albacete; Castill-La Mancha)

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