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Things Happen

Finland has made a new world record. Mrs. Margit Tall, a daredevil lady of 95 is thought to be the world’s oldest woman to bungee jump. She made an old wish come through, after ignoring the organiser’s warning that the leap could kill her. She just went to the jumping site at Kaivopuisto in Helsinki, and asked whether there was an age limit. “We thought she was joking”, one of the organizers said.

Scotland & Catalonia

So, what does the Scotland ‘No’ vote mean for Catalonia? Well, in truth, not an awful lot really, but it has made the public in Catalonia (and many other countries worldwide) sit up and take notice. Particularly the ‘turnout’ figures.

The Catalonia Question

The big European news today is the Spanish governments vow to block any plans by Catalonia to hold a referendum on independence on 9th November 2014.