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Summer Break

Thanks to the summer break I can seamlessly continue the story Merkel & Sarkozy. Initially I did not want to touch the subject (too complicated and too serious), but now it obviously is tempting, particularly after the social democrats have suggested the same in July, too.

English as She is Spoke

As I was saying, about this whole American/English thing – after 30 years or so living in the USA, I think I qualify as bi-lingual. However, after a 10-year absence, I’m finding that some of the linguistic tendencies of my American cousins strike my ear in a peculiar way. To quote Professor ‘Enry ‘Iggins from that great Musical, My Fair Lady, it amounts to, ‘The cold-blooded murder of the English tongue.’

Tartana – Dia de la Madre

Well at the beginning of April, it was the time of the year, in the UK, when we mothers finally get a slap on the back. I had my own mother visiting at the time and thought I would treat her to a lovely Mother’s Day meal at La Tartana. I checked the date with…

Laughter Medicine

For years my husband would pull his face, thinking I was mad when I would say I needed a really good laugh, until we both ended up on the same course, and we had to identify the needs that were important to us.