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Interview: Roland Fade

British painter, Roland Fade

I sat down with internationally acclaimed artist Rowland Fade – a self-proclaimed “lone wolf” who moved to Almuñécar in the 60’s – to chat about art, life and no regrets.

Pairing Cheese and Wine


General de Gaulle, the former president of France once said that it was impossible to govern a country that produced 250 different cheeses! Today it’s more like 350.

Today’s TV Boxes

FTR TV Boxes

TV Boxes have been around for a few years and now are gaining greater popularity. But what exactly are they and what do they do?

Stockholm Revisited

FTR Nordic Waldemarsudde

we made a wonderful trip to our beloved Stockholm at the end of July. This is part of a private Swedish/Finnish cultural exchange programme with a Swedish couple whom we met in Almuñecar more than 12 years ago.

A Hopefully Happy New Year

The Christmas festivities started in unusually warm and sunny weather. We Nordics have had cosy celebrations with glögg parties, meeting friends and enjoying mulled wine and ginger cookies.

Coffee Break Donations

Our co-writing Docs support the charity ‘German Doctors for the 3rd World’ www.aerzte3welt.de (English language option exists). Whilst one is keeping the house in order and the people of Almuñécar healthy, the other one will take a rather long coffee break in the hillsides of Northern Nicaragua. Many readers already know about the more eccentric…

Hummel is Danish

The European Men’s Handball Championships in Serbia are happening as I write this article. I watched Denmark lose to both Poland and Serbia, but smiled at the fact that at least both winning teams were sporting Danish uniforms. I recognized the distinctive chevron sleeve trim on the jerseys and shorts and knew instantly that they were hummel (spelled with lower case h) uniforms. This chevron trim and a stylized bumblebee are the company’s logo.