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Dumps Dead Worker and Runs

By Vivienne Hughes

A farmer abandoned the body of a dead immigrant worker at a medical centre, together with another worker of the same nationality and then rapidly drove off. »

Human Chain Rescue

By Vivienne Hughes

A 79-year-old farmer in Motril was rescued from the bottom of a barranco by a human chain of police officers and fire fighters. »

Runner Bean Bandit

By Hugh MacArthur

A Motril law court has sentenced a Salobreña man to two years' imprisonment for sexually abusing a female worker employed on his farm. »

Final Update on Otivar Fire

By Martin Myall

Having just spent three days in the municipality of Otivar, it is now apparent how lucky locals were that on that night, last month, there were high winds. »

Chinese Alien Fabricator Can’t Phone Home

By David Darby

Obviously, being a farmer in China is not the most exciting job in the world, and for this reason one such farmer, known only as Mr. Li, decided to spice up his life a little bit by pretending that aliens regularly visited his farm. »

Wobbly Weeds

By Editor

A 42-year-old fruit farmer from Almuñécar was nabbed by the Guardia Civil for being too experimental with his crops – »

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