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What’s News This New Year

During most of last year, the Seaside Gazette has given us the chance to criticise unfounded alarmism and a marketing-directed hype about this new flu and the ever-so-useless vaccine, which has been sold by the trillion to governments worldwide.

Best to Know?

Between the bird-flu hype and the hype of the so-called swine flu there was increased coverage about dementia and the necessity of early diagnosis in the media.

The Flu is Just That

Symptoms are a dry cough and a high fever, plus headaches and general malaise, with aches and pains (more than normal!) and lack of appetite. But, if you do not have a fever, you do not have the flu!

Doctor Attack

A doctor at our local medical centre was punched several times, and his computer screen and keyboard smashed with a hammer by an angry local man on the 1st of July.