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Free Concerts in Nerja Caves

The Nerja Caves is offering free admittance to residents of Nerja every Sunday morning of the year. You only have to show a documents that proves that you are a resident: your DNI if you are Spanish or you empadronado certificate if you are a foreigner to enjoy this offer.

Segovía Prizes

The 2010 winner of the Andrés Segovía, classical guitar competition was Emerson Salazar from Chile.
Second Prize went to Gustavo Costa, from Brazil, and Third Prize to Jerzy Chwastyk from Poland.

Juventudes Musicales

Listen up once again all you culture vultures, as we pass on the upcoming concerts to be performed by our friends Juventudes Musicales during the month of April.

Andrés Segovia

Although briefly mentioned in the La Herradura section, we feel the 25th anniversary of the Andrés Segovia Classical Guitar Competition at the Centro Civico in La Herradura is definitely worth a mention