Segovía Prizes

Courtesy of: Infocostatropical

The 2010 winner of the Andrés Segovía, classical guitar competition was Emerson Salazar from Chile.

Second Prize went to Gustavo Costa, from Brazil, and Third Prize to Jerzy Chwastyk from Poland.

The XXXVI Certamen de Guitarra Clásica, which enjoys world renown, was held in the Centro Cívico and was packed, understandably. It has become the custom since the competition moved to the Civic Centre for the finalist to be accompanied by a small orchestra, which without a rehearsal, is no mean feat for the competitors.

The judges took little time on their evaluation and verdict, awarding 9,000 euros and a magnificent guitar from the workshop of Granada-based Luis Santiago to Emerson Salazar, who also picked up a further cash prize of 700 euros for the best interpretation of Fantasia. The runner up, Gustavo Costa, who collected a cash prize of 4,000, had previously won this prize in the two previous years.

Besides the 2,000-euro prize for third place for Jerzy Chwastyk, there was also the Juventudes Musicales prize, which fell to José Casas.

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