Andrés Segovia

Although briefly mentioned in the La Herradura section, we feel the 25th anniversary of the Andrés Segovia Classical Guitar Competition at the Centro Civico  in La Herradura is definitely worth a mention, to enlighten all you poor unfortunates who do not live in the village!
This internationally renowned and attended competition is a credit to the organizers and local authorities who have played a huge part over the years to make it the worldwide success that it is today.
This 25th anniversary year will be held from 23rd to 28th November in the Centro Civico (958 61 86 36), usually starting at around 7pm, and the young competitors will play as follows:
Round 1 – Music of their own choice, plus Fantasy for Guitar by Malcolm Arnold.
Round 2 – Music of their own choice, including works by Tárrega and Albéniz, also last year’s competition winner Temple y Puya by Héctor González.
The Final (with orchestra or piano) – Concierto No3, Elegiaco by Leo Brouwer.
All this wonderful information has been passed on to my by Michael Bacon who knows his frets from his bridges, and he rightly recommends “it can be very rewarding to attend the first two rounds, as competitors from Russia, Cuba, Spain, Italy and probably other countries, strive to reach the final”.
This event is well worth attending, so why not make the effort to see some of it this year, then sit back and marvel at the skill and talent of these young people.

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