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Firemen Down A Hole

The Local-Area Council, (Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa Tropical) has organised a potholing course for the firemen of the towns along the Costa Tropical. Fourteen firemen in all, are being instructed in how to carry out rescue missions in caves, mines and crevices.

53rd 55% Up

Bet that had you guessing, eh? The cryptic headline means that the sales on entrance tickets for the 53rd Festival de la Cueva de Nerja were 55% up on last year.

Free Concerts in Nerja Caves

The Nerja Caves is offering free admittance to residents of Nerja every Sunday morning of the year. You only have to show a documents that proves that you are a resident: your DNI if you are Spanish or you empadronado certificate if you are a foreigner to enjoy this offer.

Danish Outing

Many travel agencies in Denmark market tours to this area of Andalucia. In fact, many more tours come than we realize. The reason we hardly notice them is because the tour groups are very busy experiencing more in one week than the most of us here do in a given month. I accompanied a group recently and this is what we did:

Lentegí Loves Bats

Lentegí has gone batty! OK, let’s say that they have become bat-conscious, because the Town Hall has taken steps to protect its cave-dwelling bat population.