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Computing Article by Zen II Net

Towards the end of 2010 a new technology ‘buzz’ term started to appear in the media… something called ‘Cloud computing.’ Most people thought it would only affect large businesses, specifically IT companies.

Zen II Gifts

Any of you that have had the good sense to make use of those brilliant multi-service people at Zen II Net in Almuñécar will already be aware that they are a lot more than an Internet centre.


A Web site – or not? A question that all services and businesses will have to ask themselves at some stage.

Calling all Local Businesses!

If you would like to show your products or services to a nicely captive audience, then get in touch with the International School in Almuñécar. They are having a business open day and you can have a small stall for just €25 and a large one for €50. Then you are free to trade between 12 and 3pm.

25% off ALL treatments

Claire at Evolución is celebrating her 5th anniversary of trading in La Herradura. To celebrate, she is offering 25% off ALL treatments from 11th to 15th May. This amazing offer is sure to attract a lot of attention, so book as soon as possible!

Tartana Terrace Time!

Summer is very nearly upon us, and we are already enjoying sunny days and warm weather, and where could be better to spend those warm afternoons, than on the terraces of La Tartana in Urb. San Nicolás, La Herradura.

About Arboreum

What about Arboreum? Well, this classy interior design shop in Almuñécar has moved… but not very far. In fact, just a few doors down from where they used to be, and I can even give you really good directions!

La Ventura Latest

The Ed and I found ourselves in La Ventura the other day, and during the course of our chat Rafa told us they are going to have a Bolero evening every Saturday, from 21.00. Sounds like a very relaxing and enjoyable evening out to me.

Los Laureles News

Many of us have enjoyed Marks ‘walk through’ the continents menus. So I asked him, as we have now been around the world, would that be the end of our Friday treats at Los Laureles.

A Very Nice Man

I always enjoy my short visits to see José Luis Sánchez Parejo, a local lawyer in La Herradura. This softly spoken, affable young man chats with me about mundane things really, like the weather, fiestas and families.