More Motril Port Success

diver's death in motril portFollowing our recent upbeat article about the export of wind turbine blades being shipped from Motril Port, we can now report even more business success.

The Spanish multinational Acerinox is using Motril port to export their products. The Tamarán Shipping Company along with logistics group JSV recently despatched the first three Acerinox containers from Motril, destined for a client in Switzerland.

Acerinox have chosen the port of Motril to export their steel coils, produced at their factory in Campo de Gibraltar.

It is expected that before the end of this year there will be direct sailing between Motril and Genoa, a route favored by JSV for their products, thus making further saving for them and more business for the port.

The President of the Port Authority, Francisco Alvarez de la Chica, is very appreciative that a prestigious multinational like Acerinox, which produces 3.5 million tons of steel at it’s mill per annum, has opted for Motril, “which shows our ability and that things are doing well” he said.

JSV was first established in the port of Motril in December 2015, since then they have moved, via the inner harbor of Azucenas, over 2,100 containers, mainly beverages, oil, building materials and food products, to which coils of stainless steel can be added.

Enhorabuena Motril Port!

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