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Nash Bash Cash

Russel Nash of Nash Music has handed over the 522 euros in takings from their charity concert on the 6th of June to the Asociación de Prevención y Ayuda al Toxicómano (APAT) in Almuñécar.

American Generosity

The American Association based in Nerja donated a generous 1,000 euros to the Almuñécar branch of APAT, which is an association for the prevention and treatment of drug abuse.

Almuñécar Bankrupt? (II)

After all the politicians had postured and proclaimed, the Town Hall staff finally made a public comment. A Workers’ committee for the Town Hall personnel gave a warning to the Mayor’s cabinet on the 24th and complained that there was a dearth of information from the cabinet. The committee qualified what had happened as a ‘lack of respect,’ on the part of the political masters.