Montes Orientales & Guadix

News from the north of the province of Granada, known as Montes Orientales and the comarca de Guadix

The Phantom Fiesta

GRA La Peza Rave Party New Years Eve 22

The road to the small town of La Peza, had to be closed off yesterday as a rumour of a New Year’s Eve fiesta there was spreading like wildfire on Social Media.

No End To Them

GRA Fire Iznalloz OC22

Hill fires used to be a thing of the summer but not now, as another fire grips the north of the province in the Sierra Arana.

An Errant Shot?

GRA Deifontes Shooting MY22

A 69-year-old woman has been hospitalised in the ICU after receiving an impact in the eye from a pellet/shot fired by an air rifle or shotgun.