News and updates on what is happening to people in our areas

Plush Café-Restaurant Opens

Literally the other side of the bridge, on the same side of the road, a very well decorated café-restaurant has opened in the Kairos building. The brothers, Vicente and Antonio Zamora, also run the successful bar-restaurant in Otívar called Bar-Restaurante Madera, by the way.

Almuñécar Art Gallery

Really, it’s not that hard to find, because there couldn’t be a better landmark: the main-road bridge over the Jete road, in San Sebastian. If you walk up to the bridge from the fountain, running down the side of the embankment there is a lane to the left. Just a few metres down, there is a multi-coloured metal door – that’s where the gallery is. It’s pretty spacious and is well lit.

Tartana Summer Menu

Flaming June is upon us, the sun is now a daily companion, and there could be no better place to enjoy those rays than the beautiful terraces at La Tartana.
Penny tells me they are introducing their summer menu to accompany the warmth… but don’t fret all you regulars, all the old favourites will remain and run concurrent with the new dishes.

Suki Sailing

It doesn’t matter if you live in our beautiful area or even if you’re just visiting, one of the most delightful ways of seeing the coastline is by boat, and thanks to the guys at Suki Sailing, it’s doesn’t cost the earth.


Sometimes, even us car owners need the services of a taxi. Whether we’ve broken down or have just had one or six too many, and need to get home to our bed without going via a Guardia Civil cell.

The Dawn of Interiorismo

Dawn Crosbie of Interiorismo is indeed a very talented lady, with a real gift for design. But she is also a very nice lady, and if you are going to let someone into your home, let’s face it, you don’t want some pushy person who, after an hour, you want to beat to death with a wet haddock!

Hideaway Helping Hand

I just happened to be having a very quick bacon sandwich and a cup of coffee in The Hideaway, and whilst chatting to Jenette, she mentioned that they are hosting a Charity Coffee Morning on Friday 12th June from 12.00 in aid of abandoned animals.

Calling all Local Businesses!

If you would like to show your products or services to a nicely captive audience, then get in touch with the International School in Almuñécar. They are having a business open day and you can have a small stall for just €25 and a large one for €50. Then you are free to trade between 12 and 3pm.

Summer at El Faro

By the time you read this, El Faro’s ‘summer menu’ will be being offered daily, along with the wonderful Traditional Sunday Roast, of course, which will continue as usual throughout the summer, but booking is strongly advised.

Clinica Del Mar Excellence

Just like any other month, I popped in for a chat with Sergio at Clínica Del Mar, on C/Alhambra in La Herradura. We usually just talk about mutual local friends, his tennis skills or our mutual love of Mac computers. While we were chatting, Mónica came out to greet one of her patients with a cuddle and a kiss. It was then I said to Sergio what a relaxed atmosphere the place had for a dentist surgery. At which point he decided to enlighten me further…