The Nerja-based animal protection society

CAS Monthly Newsletter

The last few weeks have seen an increasing number of animals being abandoned. Every day brings the Costa Animal Society news of more dogs and cats for which homes must be found.

CAS at Almuñécar Sunday Market

CAS (The Costa Animal Society) has a weekly stall at the Sunday Market in Almuñécar. All the funds made at this market go to help the abandoned animals in the area.

CAS November Press Release

Over the past decade, animal lovers in Comares have endured a continual stream of poisonings in the town. An estimated 200 cats and dogs have died painful deaths in that time after eating contaminated meat deliberately left out in the street.

Good Home for Strays?

Dr Animal has two strays and they’re looking for a good home for them.

Bongo and Bruno are two young (1.5 years old) castrated males, found abandoned on the beach. Both are very healthy animals (all vaccines are up to date and have they have microchips).

Volunteer Staff Wanted

The Costa Animal Society is in the process of revamping its office and shop in Nerja. As a result, more volunteer staff are required to run the shop which opens Monday to Saturday from 10.00am until 2.00pm.