Let’s talk Rubbish – Again

Onl MarianneI believe that almost ten years have passed since I last talked rubbish in this forum. The readers might be of a different opinion on this, so to be precise: almost a decade has passed since I wrote about rubbish, i.e.waste collection and recycling in Almuñécar.

I’m afraid that my opinions of the local waste collection and very basic recycling at that time were on the negative side. But now, thanks to the continuous efforts by the Town Hall, the waste collection and recycling services in Almuñécar have seen a tremendous development.

The citizens are informed and can ask for advice on any topic related to waste, recycling and the environment on the Online address: Lineaverdealmunecar.com.

The answers are accurate, detailed and promptly delivered. From the questions and answers I real- ized that the interest in the environment is increasing among the public as well as the administration.

Spain has a recycling system that’s easy to use and available to everybody. All you have to do is look for the convenient, colour-coded, curb-side container.

In Almunecar you should easily find the recognizable units near your accommodation. Recycling bins are colour coded according to the material that you can toss into each. They are usually placed together next to a garbage bin.

If you’re used to using a recycling system back home, rules in Spain about what you can and cannot throw into the bins will probably sound familiar.

According to a communication by the Town Hall, dated March 23rd, the town now has 26 new containers for urban waste; blue ones for paper & cardboard and yellow ones for tins, cans, tetra bric, cartons & plastics.

These are needed to meet the growing demand in Almuñécar, as well as in La Herradura. New, more remote zones can now be better served than before.

Much has been improved, but much has still to be done to educate the public in the use of the services available and ‘en- vironmental thinking.’ In some of the urbanizations outside the central parts of Almuñécar, the situation can be described as catastrophic.

We live in a residential area five minutes from the town centre. We deposit our garbage on the N-340 where there are bins for what we call ‘general rubbish;’ i.e. household waste, plastic packages, tins etc, bottles and paper and cardboard.

You would think this would be easy, but the fact is that the place is filled with all kinds of rubble, furniture etc. left on the ground. There is also one small container for ‘general waste’ in a remote corner on the road near our area. Here people leave mattresses, broken furniture, rubble from house renovations etc, any day of the week.

The rules stipulate that you can leave such waste only on Thursdays after 21.00h and that Town Hall has to be informed. The fines for breaking this rule start from 901 euros.

Obviously, this does not scare the ‘culprits’ since the area is out of sight for ‘Big Brother.’ It is frustrating that the access to a nice and well maintained residential area should be paved with such ugliness. Open containers must be ordered for construction rubble and bulky garden waste.

Anyhow, much has improved, and we hope that the ongoing environmental campaign will soon change people’s awareness of the environment. Tu casa empieza en tu barrio. Your home starts in your neighbourhood.

Happy Easter!

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Marianne Lindahl

Born in Helsinki, Finland, many decades ago and a resident in Almuñécar since 2001. I have a M.Sc in Economics and Business Administration and an Authorized Translator´s exam. Prior to this I studied art in Helsinki and Paris. After a career in business I started painting again, (oil, impressionist with a touch of naivism)and have participated in many exhibitions in Spain and Finland. I am active in Asociacion Hispano-Nordica in Almuñécar, a meeting point for people from Sweden, Norway and Finland. I am married, with 3 children and 9 grandchildren. Hobbies: Cats, golf, trecking, jazz. 

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  1. Jill Brierley
    February 2, 2019 at 11:23 am

    We are staying in La Herradura for a month and loving it. We have no problem with recycling because, as you say, there are plenty of clearly marked recycling bins. But we can’t see any bins in which we can dispose of our domestic (non-recycling) rubbish. Can you advise us?

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