Still No Aquarium

The local socialista party (PSOE) of Almuñécar have criticised the fact that the aquarium attraction remains closed for yet another summer.

Two councillors belonging to this party had a look around the premises and saw the “enormous deficiencies,” such as the broken, ventilation system which has allowed rust to get a hold of everthing, they claimed. They also said that the individual aquariums also needed urgent repair.

The two Councillors, Rocío Palacios and Amador Muñoz said that the fishes and sharks are in good health but that there are far fewer species present.

According to the socialists, the installations have suffered a string of reopenings and closures since 2013 before finally closing their doors in 2021 without reopening again.

The Mayor freely admits that they have tried to reopen it but as soon as one problem is fixed and they reopen to the public, something else breaks and they have to close it again.

Editorial comment: it is widely known that the original building work on the Acuario was shoddy, which is the problem behind this litany of breakdowns and defects.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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