Too Many Abandoned Pets

The Partido Animalista Con el Medio Ambiente warned that around 300,000 animals are abandoned each year in Spain.

Chairman, Javier Luna stated, “Spain cannot head this lamentable list and must react so that 1,000 animals a day don’t end up abandoned.” He says that we need stricter laws that come down harder on people who do abandon their pets.

Summer is a typical period when pets are left to fend for themselves whilst families go away on holiday. According to Sr. Luna each summer 100,000 animals are left on roadsides, in gasolineras or dumped outside kennels.

Those who are caught abandoning pets in this fashion presently face fines or community works, which in the opinion of PACMA is clearly insufficent and lacking in severity.

PACMA points out that animal homes that take in strays are completely overwhelmed and receive little help from administrations.

(News: Spain)

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