Nerja Police Not Happy

It seems that so many Town Councils have running disputes with their own municipal police and Nerja is no exception.

NRJ Police Car and Air AmbulanceAlmost all of the 44 officers that belong to the Policía Local in Málaga’s eastern-most coastal town have refused to carry out any overtime starting this month.

This refusal, they claim, is fruit of the “laxity, lack of willingness and silence” coming from the governing party, the PP, who enjoy an absolute majority in the Town Council.

Apparently, the municipal police have bombarded the Town Council with requests for a change in the shift-work structure over the last few years… But to no avail; hence the “silence,” coming out of the Mayor’s office.

The present shift system is 6×4; or in other words, six days on, four days off. What the police want is six days on and six days off. They claim that this is the system enjoyed by just about all municipal police forces in the Nerja area.

A Spokesperson for the municipal police considers that with the number of officers that they have, such a shift system would be perfectly possible. By the way, the Chief of Police, Francisco Iranzo, is not amongst the officers who are refusing to do overtime.

As a result of the refusal to do overtime it meant that during the Romeria de San Isidro, there were only four patrols instead of five, as was the case last year.

But it’s not just a question of overtime, because they considered that they are the worse paid police force on the Costa del Sol, so they want that sorted as well.

Editorial comment: they are not the worst paid police officers on the Costa del Sol because a rookie, municipal police officer is better paid than a Guardia Civil corporal with many years service, anywhere in the whole of Spain, and the Guardia Civil are a whole lot more useful that the municipal police forces.

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