Brit Arrested for Theft

A British man in his 30s was arrested in Órgiva, suspected of breaking into a dwelling in Órgiva whilst the owners were asleep inside, as well as stealing from cars.

GRA ALP Orgiva Twin SpiresThe 32-year-old man, of no fixed address, is also charged with the fraudulent use of a bankcards; i.e., it wasn’t his. He had allegedly stolen them from a car and used it in the town’s only gasolinera.

Having established the thief’s identity, thanks to CCTV images from that gasolinera, the Guardia Civil had been trying to track him down since the 25th of March.

However, a patrol car came across him on the 12th of April carrying a chainsaw, two iPads and two Smartwatches and immediately arrested him. These items had been removed during a burglary the night before.

Not content, it seems with stealing from two parked cars within the perimeter of a dwelling (two wallets, IDs & bankcards) he forced open a window to a bedroom where two children were sleeping, gaining entrance. It was inside the victims’ home that he found the iPads and Smartwatches.

Once arrested and under questioning, it turned up that he had allegedly stolen a mobile from an Órgiva shop specialised in them on the 23rd of March.

Finally, this wasn’t his first arrest, because on the 18th of March the Órgiva-based Guardia Civil arrested him, suspected of using bank cheques without funds for a tune of 7,000 euros. He had used the ‘rubber’ cheques on his landlord to pay for his room and, with the excuse of not being able to withdraw funds from his bank account owing to bureacratic hitches, he obtained an advance from the man.

(News/Noticias: Orgiva, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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