Mudslide Closes Ski Slopes

The heavy rains up on Sierra Nevada caused a river of mud to invade several ski slopes yesterday.

GRA SN Mudslides Close SlopesIt appears that a large pipe under the slopes designed to evacuate rain water was jammed by mud and over flowed across the slopes and the activities area of Mirlo Blanco.

About 100 users were in that area when the river of mud came down – nobody was injured; just amazed. Nevertheless, they had to be brought out of Mirlo Blanco in vehicles so as not to have to wade through the mud.

The ski resort had to be closed because of these adverse weather conditions; high winds and abnormally high temperatures melting the snow which produced this mixture of slush, mud and rain water.

The national meteorological agency forecasts no rain and nor high winds for today, so resort workers were out all yesterday trying to restore the slopes to a usable condition.

The ski resort had only just reopened the slopes on Sunday after spending two days closed down due to the strong, gusting winds.

(News/Noticias: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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