Velilla Beach Illegal Landing

People smugglers made a daylight landing on Playa Velilla yesterday morning, which was filmed from a dwelling behind and above the first line of apartment blocks.

ALM Illegal Immigrants landing on Velilla Beach 31JA24The landing, made by a RIB of the type often used by drug runners, took place around 08.40h Thursday morning. It was phoned in to 112 probably by the same resident who recorded the video, saying that between 40 and 50 people had disembarked on the beach.

The Guardia Civil arrested 32 adults and a minor and took them to the Centro de Atención Temporal de Inmigrantes in Motril, where they were given a check-up by Red Cross volunteers before being handed over into the custody of the Policía Nacional (who run the temporary-holding centre) for the next 72 hours.

The people smugglers also run hashish but transferring illegal immigrants gets them between 3,000 and 9,000 euro per person onboard; more lucrative than soft drugs and probably not as harsh prison sentences if caught.

It’s also a very fast way of making money because with four 300hp outboards they can make the trip over and back in just a few hours. Plus with all that horse power any Guardia Civil launch would have a hard job trying to keep up with them, let alone overhaul them.

The previous landing took place in Albuñol in January and the authorities were only able to capture five of the several dozen who landed.

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