Dogs & Escalators

Vets in Almería are concerned about how many people are bringing dogs in with injured paws caused by escalators in the Torrecárdenas Shopping Centre.

One small dog was brought in with a missing joints to its toes on one of its back legs. When the man with his dog reached the top where the stairs disappear through a narrow grate, the dog literally lost is pads. When he took it to the nearest vet, the response was, “Blast” Not another dog!”

The dog owner pointed out that there are no warning signs that dog owners should take care when using the escalator.

The shopping centre has rejected having any responsibility and said that it is the pet owner who has the responsibility of keeping a dog under control. The said dog owner points out that his dog was under control, which CCTV security cameras would reveal.

Vets consider that warning should be in place pointing out that dogs can injured themselves on an escalator. In fact, a vet that has his/her practice within the shopping centre that they get a dog in with this kind of injury about once a fortnight, and that they have brought up the need for a warning sign at the entrance to an escalator to the shopping-centre management.

Editorial comment: if you’re going to take a dog on an escalator, then carry it, as you would do with a toddler.

(News/Noticias: Poniente, Almeria, Andalucia)

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