The Donkey Stealer!

The Guardia Civil have arrested a 61-year-old man in La Zubia, suspected of having half-inched somebody's burro... is nothing sacred?

GRA C&M Stolen DonkeyIt was actually an off-duty officer from the Guardia Civil who just happened to be walking through the vega of La Zubia when he came across a known criminal, whom he had arrested on the 8th of January for carrying out a burglary on a cortijo. On this occasion he was leading a reluctant burro with a makeshift halter.

Hello, hello, hello, thought the officer, but in Spanish, and approached the individual and ask him where he had got the donkey. The suspect answered that he had “found it.”

Now, you might find something on the street and pick it up, you might find an injured bird and carry it home, but you don’t usually drag a donkey off home with you, do you?

Well, that’s what the officer thought, so he phoned the police station in La Zubia and asked if anybody was missing a donkey. Imagine his surprise when they responded, “Yes”. He immediately arrested the man… and the donkey – he couldn’t very well just leave it there, could he?

The owner was contacted, who had his farm just under a kilometre away, and who turned up to reclaim his burro.

The moral of the story is; keep your mitts off adjacent burros!

(News/Noticias: La Zubia, City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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