Insurance Pay Out over House

Up above Granada lies a small municipality of just over 1,000 inhabitants, a beautiful small place to build a home. However...

GRA VEG Nivar House DemolishedOne man bought a country home for himself there but before long, cracks appeared (a bit like those houses on Carmenes del Mar in La Herradura) and before long he had to abandon the house after a retaining wall collapsed, before it came down on his head.

He was not pleased.

This came to pass 16 years ago and since then it has been demolished, along with his dreams of a house in the country where he could spend his retirement.

However, an insurance company was not only ordered to pay for the expense of demolishing it, but also for rebuilding it. In the meantime, he is living in rented accommodation.

But he is not alone because another 24 homeowners in Urbanización La Alfaguara in Nívar are affected; most with repairable defects and another that needs to be demolished .

The insurance company has had to spend 4,000,000 on repairing 23 houses and the demolition and reconstruction of two more, among them the subject of this article.

You see the construction company had taken out an insurance policy for responsabilidad civil with the said insurance company, who now have to carry the can. But it’s not over…

Although the latest court finding is final, there is a hitch. The company hired an independent expert to evaluate the cost for the work to be done, the amount for which was embargoed from the companies finances by the law courts.

Unfortunately, the rise in the price of building material in the last few months, including work needed but not accounted for, to sink stabilisation piles into the ground, means that these factors will now have to go through the court as well. Otherwise the money outlaid by the insurance company may not be sufficient to rebuild the house at today’s costs.

The increase in budget amounts to 350,000 euros on top of the four million set aside, which means that his being able to move into the house he once, fleetingly, had, will have to wait some more.

(News/Noticias: Nivar, Vega Alta, Granada, Andalucia)

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