Motril Lagging Behind

The Ombudsman has begun an ex officio action in Motril, along with another 32 cities for not having set up the Zonas de Bajas Emisiones (ZBE).

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Town Hall Square

The ZBE’s restrict certain kinds of (internal combustion) vehicles from town centres and is obligatory for any town of over 50,000 inhabitants – Motril has 60,000 inhabitants and thus, by law, should have put these restrictions into place already.

Motril has already installed 40 CCTV cameras around town to control traffic as part of a Smart City project.

Some of the first cameras to be installed were on the Rambla de Los Álamos roundabout, near Alcampo, as well as the access road from the East passing by the permanent fairground. Images from these cameras will be for exclusive use of the Policía Local.

These installation could be used as a mechanism for implanting the ZBEs. The fact remains, however, that Motril had to have had the ZBEs in place and functioning by the 1st of January this year.

Another nearby town  with over 50,000 inhabitants that has failed to comply is Mijas in the province of Málaga.

In response to the Ombudsman’s decision, the Mayor of Motril has said that the town will have a provisional study on the ZBE’s before the end of this year and the ZBE’s up and running before the end of 2024.

She admitted that, “We are behind [schedule],” adding that the project, which is being drawn up by an external company, will be on public display within 30 days.

Obviously, the opposition parties have expressed strong criticism over this situation, with one party spokesperson saying, “They’ve had more than enough time because this law was brought out in 2021 giving everybody a grace period to conform.”

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