Padul & Albuñuelas Drugs Busts

The Guardia Civil have been on full throttle detecting and dismantling hashish plantations around the province as part of Operación Nazarí Ordo.

GRA LEC AlbuñuelasThey have closed down no fewer than 33 plantations, both indoor and outdoor, in towns and villages across the province, such as: Peligros, Iznalloz, Loja, Huétor Tájar, Jun, Gualchos, Vegas del Genil, Padul, Chimeneas, Santa Fe, Dílar, Pinos Puente, Cúllar Vega and Albuñuelas.

The total haul has been 8,869 plants, 250 grammes of marihuana and four shotguns… not a lot, considering the scope of the police operation, one might think.

In Padul, Guardia Civil officers from Lanjarón found a completely automated plantation with 993 plants close to being harvested, and the 250 grammes already packaged ready for sale with 1,580 euros.

The Guardia Civil often count on the help of electricians from utility companies to detect illegal hook-ups need to cultivate marihuana within interior plantations. In this manner they found 33 dwellings consuming a high amount of electricity for the size of the dwelling.

The biggest bust was in Pinos Puente found 13 plantations with a combined total of 2,606 marihuana plants under cultivation.

(News/Noticias: Padul/Albuñuelas, Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia)

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