P-4 Zebras Sorted

You will no longer have to risk your life on a zebra crossing in Almuñécar... well, risk twisting an ankle, let's say.

The Municipal Maintenance Department has been busy eliminating “arquitectural barriers,” which is the fancy word for things that will trip you up or impede your access on public streets, such as steps (in the case of those with mobility problems – my car has no engine in it, but I don’t think that this counts) and potholes & broken pavements etc. Summing up: street obstacles.

A local building company got the contract which was worth 14,000 euros and their work was mostly in the P-4 area. Included within these tasks are 70 zebra crossings, according to the Mayor, Juan José Ruiz Joya.

Mr Mayor visited the work whilst it was going on, lured by the click of camera shutters. He was accompanied by the Councillor for Maintenance, Francisco Rodríguez, and both were mightily chuffed with the progress. Such phrases as “making Almuñécar more inclusive” (instead of “eliminating death traps.”) were pronounced, accompanied by sagacious nodding and demonstrative finger pointing.

The Mayor explained, “We’re making the town more friendly and accessible for everybody,” adding that it was not only a physical transformation but also a “significant step towards making it more united and fair.”

Editorial comment: despite a jaundiced slant to the article, any work to make zebra-crossing use less of a Death Race 2000 is to be commended.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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