New Bus Stop for Sierra Nevada

Starting from the 25th of this month, the Consorcio de Transporte Metropolitano del Área de Granada will set up a city bus stop for Sierra Nevada.

GRA C&M New SN Bus Line StopAs you can see from the photo, there will be the old cable car (Al Andalus) from the ski resort that was dismantled last year, as a promocional exhibit for Sierra Nevada there.

This bus stop was operational for years but was closed down over two decades ago. However, in an effort to bring the ski resort and the city closer together (although not physically, of course) it will be reopened.

So, besides being able to catch the SN bus from the bus station, you can catch it from the Palacio de Congresos where the new bus stops stands.

The Palacio de Congresos is a connection point for several, city-bus routes and is known as the Intercambiador Sur, so we’re talking about a new stopping point for the SN bus service at the Intercambiador Sur (Paseo del Violón). In fact the new SN bus stop will be situated next to the three bus shelters there.

As for the timetable for the Linea SN bus service, there will be three round trips each day from Monday to Friday and four on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays:

Leaving Granada Bus Station.
Monday to Friday: 09:00h, 10:00h & 17:00h.
Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays: 08:00h, 10:00h, 15:00 & 17:00 horas.
(Add 15 minutes for the Palacios bus stop).

Leaving Sierra Nevada.
Monday to Friday: 09:00h, 16:00h & 18:30h.
Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays: 09:00h, 13:00h, 16:00 & 18:40h.

Price: nine euros return and five euros single.

(News/Noticias: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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