Snowfall & Coming Ski Season

There was the first timid appearance of snow on the Sierra Nevada yesterday at around the 3,000-metre mark in the Veleta area.

GRA SN First Snowfall 14OC23Admittedly, you’d have been hard put to have a snowball fight whilst it lasted, so any confirmation of when the slopes will be operative haven’t been announced – last year the announcement was made in December.

However, this hasn’t stopped the Sierra Nevada ski resort from launching their advance-sale campaign for long-term and seasonal ski passes! Under the slogan, Think cold, these advance sales offer discounts depending on the purchase date.

Until the 17th of October (this coming Tuesday) discounts on season passes (individual or family) and 10-day and 20-day passes will have a 20% discount. Then, having started on the 1st of this month, the 15-day, long-term ski pass will also have a 20% discount like the rest of the products.

In the second section of advance sales, from October the 18th to November the 2nd, the percentage discount on the same products will be 10 percent. Advance purchase brings additional benefits to the user (such as night skiing, summer-season passes or discounts on rentals, restaurants and parking) depending on the product and the purchase period.

Another important advantage in the purchase is the possibility of using this 23/24 winter the days of the long-term ski passes that were purchased for the previous season but could not be used. This is providing that a pass for an equal or greater duration is purchased for this season.

Also, this season customers will be able to use their mobile phone as a ski pass, since the resort has implemented the Mobile Pass system. Sierra Nevada is a pioneer in the use of this system directly from its app.

Anybody interested in going skiing up there can download its app, (for both IOS and Android operating systems), and buy their ski pass through the same app, or from the website and ATMs distributed throughout the station. With Skidata’s BLE technology, it will be loaded onto your mobile and off you go to the slopes.

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