Thermal Spring Rescue

Way up in the north of the province there are hot springs in the middle of nowhere known as La Raja in a village called Alicún de Ortega.

GRA La Raja thermal spring Alicun deOn the 8th of June the Guadix fire service were called in to rescue three bathers who were in danger of drowning there and had it not been for a local who knew where it was, they would never have found it, perhaps.

In fact, it was this local who found the three bathers. Knowing how heavy rainfall often makes the water level grow quickly and dangerously, he had made his way there to check that nobody was using it. It was not the first time that somebody had been caught out under these conditions.

When he peered over he saw the head of one of the bathers fighting not to be sucked down by a small whirlpool caused by the rushing water. Out of his line of sight, there were two more hanging on to a rock for dear life. He immediately alerted the fire service and guided them to the spot.

It was not an easy task getting them out because first the fire personnel had to cut back the gorse & bramble and other growth with a small chain saw to clear the lip of the pool. They then laid a ladder over the pool in order to reach them and pull them out.

The bathers had had a very lucky escape.

(News: Alicún de Ortega, Los Montes, Guadix, Granada, Andalucia)

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