Kids Pleading for Help

A law court in Fuengirola has ordered a police investigation into the death of a man minutes after his arrest by a police patrol, who were attending a call for help concerning children.

A concerned neighbour had gone round to the local Guardia Civil post to say that two young children were on a 4th-floor balcony calling for help from passersby. This unfolded at 17.30h on the 19th of November in the said Costa del Sol town.

Fuengirola, because of its size, is policed by the Policía Nacional, but as this appeared to be a life and death situation, so as to lose no time, the Guardia Civil sent a patrol car to the address, as well as informing their Policía Nacional counterparts so that they could also send a patrol unit.

When the officers arrived they found the two children, aged six and eight (a girl and boy) taking refuge on a balcony. Many neighbour both in the same block and the one in front of it, had come to their balconies to because of the commotion.

The officers raced up to the fourth floor and could hear banging and crashing behind the front door of the flat, which was ajar. They tried to enter but there was furniture lying on the floor blocking it. As they forced their way in they could see a man smashing up the furniture. The man, upon seeing them, ran into a room but the officers ran after him and found him threatening to throw himself out of the window.

They managed to tackle the man to stop him from harming himself or anybody else as he had already had a go at one of the officers as he was still very agitated. Then officers from the Policía Nacional arrived together with an ambulance. The P.N. officers noted nothing wrong with his physical state. However, minutes after the man suffered a cardiac arrest and despite medical personnel being present, who immediately practiced CPR, they could not save his life and he died at the scene.

The man was the father of the two minors although they had different mothers, one of whom arrived minutes after the police because she had popped out leaving the children in the care of their father.

The subsequent autopsy revealed that the man had died because of the adverse affect of drugs, which had brought on a state of an “acute agitated and confusional state.”

(News: Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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