A Bus Shelter & A Church Gate

A young man at the wheel, who was no stranger to alcohol early yesterday morning in the centre of Granada, took out a bus shelter and ploughed into a church gate.

GRA A Bush Shelter and A Church GateThe accident occurred around five in the morning when the 27-year-old driver from Iznalloz sped down Avenida de Madrid but when he got to the Plaza de San Isidro he dispensed with the road and flew into a bus shelter.

Such was the force of this encounter that the car cartwheeled into the entrance of San Isidro Church.

The car, the bus shelter and the church’s iron-railing gate have gone onto the next life, yet the driver managed to pull himself out of the upside-down car and stagger around.

The Policía Local, who were soon at the scene of the accident, decided that despite not having any visible injuries, the driver should see a doctor and took him to hospital.

The medical examination, besides finding that he had three times the permitted amount of alcohol in his system, revealed that he didn’t have any injures; no broken bones, lacerations or loss of teeth, for example.

Thanks to the early hour of the morning when he did his Evil-Knevil number, there were no pedestrians around or other vehicles so there was no collateral damage… as long as you don’t count a bus shelter, the church gate, two lampposts, a litter bin, two wrought-iron benches, two traffic signs and missing only a partridge in a pear tree in the damage-control list.

The culprit won’t go through a fast trial process because it will take time to calculate the cost of the damage.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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